Write a review that evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of all the sources you have found.

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For this section of your assignment, include the following components:
1.Title page.
2.Introduction (minimum two paragraphs).
§ Introduce the topic of the paper.
§ Describe the health problem. Don’t type “Introduction.”
§ Using data and statistics, support your claim that your selected issue is a problem.
§ Include your purpose statement and what specifically you will address in your proposed program.
§ Be sure your proposed outcome is realistic and measurable.
3.PICOT (minimum one paragraph).
§ This section should include your PICOT question in detail, followed by thorough descriptions
of your population, intervention, comparison intervention, outcome, and timing (if appropriate
to your question).
4.Describe the vulnerable population (minimum two paragraphs).
§ Discuss the impact of social determinants on health for your selected population.
§ What are the risk factors that make this a vulnerable population?
§ Use evidence to support the risk factors you have identified.
5.Provide a review of literature from scholarly journals of evidence-based interventions that
address the problem (minimum seven paragraphs).
§ Include at least six scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles not older than five years (1
paragraph for each article).
§ After completing a literature search on interventions addressing your chosen health problem,
write a review that evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of all the sources you have found.
(minimum one paragraph).
6.Proposal (minimum two paragraphs. You may use bullets if appropriate)
§ Propose addressing the selected health problem using an evidence-based intervention in your
literature search to address the problem in the selected population/setting.
§ Include a thorough discussion of the specifics of this intervention which include resources
necessary, those involved, and feasibility for a nurse in an advanced role.
§ Be sure to include a timeline for the intervention proposed.
Paper Requirements:
§ Follow APA 7th Edition format guidelines.
§ Scholarly, peer-reviewed, and research articles cited should be within the last five years.
§ This section should be 5-7 pages long (not including the title and reference page).
§ Use proper in-text citations with a properly formatted reference list.
§ All papers must be written in the 3rd person.
Clarity of Writing:
a. Use standard English grammar and sentence structure.
b. There should be no spelling errors or typographical errors.
c. The paper should be organized around the required components using appropriate headers.
See document with comments below. Your next submission will be in the corresponding section of final submission.

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