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In class Activity: Negotiate USED CAR, lecture and simulation discussion
Below is some more information about participating in negotiation simulations:
The course uses structured negotiation simulations to provide students with opportunities to practice negotiating. In these simulations, students take on a fictional role with specific desires and constraints and negotiate against counterparts in order to meet goals stated in their role instructions. Having a thoughtful approach to this form of learning will help you get the most out of the simulations. In approaching your simulations please aspire to the following:   
Commit to playing the exercise faithfully, as it was written, in a way that maximizes the intended learning for you and your counterpart(s). 
Do not show you role instructions to the person you are negotiating with
Be yourself. You are taking on a role with a specific portfolio of interests, to which you should adhere. However, the role descriptions should not supplant your better judgment. Remember, you are trying to develop your own negotiation style that fits you.
When you are unsure about what is expected or unclear about what the correct answer to your opponents questions is, make your best guess. 
Observe your emotions. Even in stylized exercises, there are opportunities for real disagreement and conflict escalation. Understanding your emotional response as tensions arise is a vital negotiation skill. 
I will be walking in to observe your negotiation tactics. Don’t let my presence distract you. I will watch you for a few minutes and leave. 
Keep it confidential. You may not show your role instructions to the other side, although you are free to tell the other side whatever you would like about your confidential information. 
Do not make up facts or information that materially change the power distribution of the exercise. Specifically: You may not lie about your best alternative to the current deal.

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